Dra. Gabriela Nora Cesarman-Maus M.D.

Ponencia: Monitoreo de anticoagulantes de última generación


General Information

Date of birth: October 24th 1959

Nationality and Citizenship-Mexican

Medical Licensure- México 1986

Internal Medicine and Sub-Specialty Boards in Hematology/Oncology- México

ECFMG 1989

National Researcher´s System (SIN): level II


Educational Background

MD  1986       Universidad Nacional Autonoma de México, (UNAM). Faculty of


SS   1985      Department of Pathology. National Institute of Medical Sciences

(Social Service Thesis: Reclassification of non-Hodgkins


MS  1989       Internal Medicine Residency at the National Institute of Medical

Sciences and Nutrition, NIH-Mexico

MSS 1994     Fellowship in Hematology and Oncology at the New York

Hospital –Cornell Medical Center.

  • Post Doctoral Research Fellowship. Vascular Research Center.

Katherine Hajjar’s Laboratory. Cornell Medical Center. Characterization of

Annexin 2. Susan

J Murphy Scholar.

2005-2009     PhD in Ciencias Químico Biológicas at the Instituto Politécnico Nacional



Professional Positions Held

  • Teachers Assistant, Department of Embriology

1980-1981     Teachers Assistant. Department of Histology

  • Teachers Assistant in Nosology
  • Chief Fellow. Hematology- Oncology Dept. NY Hospital-Cornell


1 994 –           Hematology and Oncology Attending at the National Institute of

Medical Sciences and Nutrition , NIH Mexico (INCMNSZ)

1994-            Director, Coagulation Clinical and Research Laboratory. INCMNSZ

  • Head Hemostasis and Thrombosis section for the Mexican Hematology Association (AMEH)

1994 –           Private Practice

2001             Head Scientific Committee for the XVII International Congress

CLAHT (Latin-American  Cooperative Group on Thrombosis and

Hemostasis) Meeting in México City.

  • California Health Advisor for the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs

2003-            Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, Department of Cell and  Developmental

Biology. Weill Medical Center of Cornell University

2007-12        Coordinator for benign Hematology  NCI, Mexico

2007- 2016   Head, Cancer and Thrombosis Service, Department of Hematology , NCI,


2009-12        Coordinator; Catheter and Thrombosis Clinic . NCI, Mexico

2011-13        Scientific Chair.: Asociación Mexicana de Hematología.

2012 –           Tutor Post-graduate Doctorate Program. (Veterinary Medicine, UNAM)

Tutor in Post-graduate Studies for Masters and PhD in Medical Sciences.

National Autonomous University (UNAM).

  1.   Tutor, Facultad de Química, Instituto Politécnico Nacional-

2013-             Representante de FUNSALUD/AMEH

2013-             Professor in Hematology: Faculty of Medicine UNAM (3rd year)

2015-             Research Coordinator, Department of Hematology, NCI.Mexio

2015-             Founding member ¨Sociedad Mexicana de Trombosis y Hemostasia


2016 -2018    Delegate for SOMETH as Board member  of  Thrombosis and Hemostasis

Societies of   North America (THSNA)¨

  1.    Scientific Committee member SOMETH

2015-             Founding member ¨Colegio Mexicano para la Investigación del Cáncer¨

2017              Delegate for CLAHT in Mexico.


Professional Thesis Directed


  • Armando Villegas. UNAM. Masters in Science. Anticoagulant

monitoring in patients with antiphospholipid syndrome.

  • Carlos Cantu. UNAM. Masters in Science Folic Acid Deficiency as a cause for Cerebral Vascular Thrombosis.


Graduate Chemistry Thesis

1995                Raul Trejo. Faculty of Chemistry. UNAM. Activated platelet rich

                   plasma supernatant for treatment of  diabetic ulcers.

  • Jessica Cuevas Manzo. QFB. Faculty of Bioanalysis. Universidad

Veracruzana. Activated Protein C in prothrombotic assays for the Clinical


1998           Guadalupe Montiel. Faculty of Chemestry, UNAM.Prevalence   of Factor V Leiden in Public Hospitals, Mestizo Population.

  • Carlos Virgen. Universidad Veracruzana. Coagulation Parameters in

Lupus Patients

2016           Mara Nuñez. Instituto Nacional de Pediatría. (will finish in 2018)



1995           Carlos Rosillo. INCMNSZ. Lack of APCR and factor V Leiden Mutation as a causative Factor for Splacnic Vein Thrombosis.



Board Certification in Mexico

Internal Medicine



Professional Memberships



CLAHT (Latin American Group on Hemostasis and Thrombosis)

AMEH   (Asociación Mexicana para el Estudio de la Hematología)


Anticoagulation Forum



Joural Ad-Hoc Reviewer and Others

1995-     Rev. Invest.Clin.and Archives of Medical Research

1995 –    Scientific Committee Member. Premios Marcos y Cela Maus

for Masters and PHD Thesis in Medicine and SciencesUNAM

2001       Consultive Committee for the ISTH, Paris 2001

2012-     Applied Thrombosis and Haemostasis

2015 –    Molecular Cáncer


Honors and Awards

Second Place Generation 1979-85. Faculty of Medicine. UNAM

  • Chief Resident. Department of Haematology Oncologly. New.York Hospital. Cornell Medical Center.

1992-1994   Susan Murphy Fellow. Cornell Medical Center.


Dr. Luis Sanchez Medal Award.  Awarded by the Asociación Mexicana de Hematología

  • First Place for clinical research article. (Jury from Chile)
  • Third Place for basic research article (Jury from Argentina)

2016    Third Place for basic research article   (Jury from Venezuela)



Spanish, English. Read French, Italian, Idish.




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